Ben Jackson’s Testimonials

I love Ben Jackson.

-Chris Kenner, Executive Producer for David Copperfield

Ben is the most compelling thing that I can bring to talk to my customers or talk to my peers…

-DaveSavelle, Technology Director of the Digital Asset, Halliburton

Delightful, disarming, deft hands and a total professional.Ben will be a staple at all my events!

-Scott Evans, Publisher, The Social Book

His professionalism, charm, and talents not only make him a world-class magician, but also the Driskill’s go-to entertainer.

-KyraCoots, Director of Public Relations and Marketing Communications, The Driskill Hotel. Austin, TX.

Ben’s performances have been consistently entertaining, highly original, and the upscale clientele we attract have given him rave reviews.

-Scott Hollingsworth, Entertainment Director, The Magic Island

Ben is absolutely amazing! His magic goes way beyond mere illusions. You’ve got to see him perform!

-Joel Bartsch, Museum President, The Houston Museum of Natural Science

I met Ben a few weeks ago at a small gathering of sophisticated people, all of whom were charmed and amazed by his exceptional skills and wonderful personality. Having hired other magicians recently, I can state with all sincerity he is the best I have ever seen, and I look forward to hiring him in the future for some of our gatherings. He will not disappoint anyone that hires him to entertain.

-A. L. Ballard, President, Ballard Exploration Company, Inc.

I’m freakin’ lovin it…

-Tom Colicchio, Executive Chef, The Food Network

I have always enjoyed magic as a clean wholesome form of entertainment and have seen the very best perform in Las Vegas. Ben is better than them!!!! What makes Ben special is that not only is he a great magician, but he is even a better person. Personality, charisma, charm, and maturity well beyond his years. You will not be disappointed with his captivating performance.

-Bob Engel, C.P.M, Resources Global Professionals