Jason Garfield

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Widely considered the “best” and most athletic juggler in the world, Jason Garfield has won 20 gold medals and set two world records. But he is much more than just a great juggler. Jason is a comedian with a unique and edgy personality. His show is, of course, filled with brilliant juggling, but Jason does it with a form of nonchalant ease and cockiness, and he peppers his show with completely unique and hilarious audience participation pieces that make the participating person a very real and fun character in his show.

Jason Garfield is so highly regarded in the industry as both a comedian and technical juggler that his book “the Theory and Practice of Juggling book” and the accompanying DVD have been reviewed as the best book on learning how to juggle ever written. He is so regarded, in fact, that Simon Cowell has personally asked Jason to appear on “America’s Got Talent.”

In 2000, Jason Garfield founded the World Juggling Federation and is the only person in history to have produced sport juggling competitions that have aired on TV – seven half-hour programs on ESPN and ESPN2 (featuring Penn Jillette of Penn & Teller as a commentator) and the world’s first live telecast of sport juggling and combat juggling competitions on ESPN3.

Besides his very busy producing schedule Jason Garfield has worked as a motion tracking model for the Star Wars Galaxies Video Game. Jason also performs to standing ovations on cruise ships and conventions including Holiday Inn’s Intercontinental Hotels Conference, the elite of Pride Industries Leadership meetings, and one of his favorite performances, performing for the cast of the Fox show, “House,” at their end of season wrap party.