Jason Garfield’s Testimonials



It was lovely meeting him and amazing to watch him perform… who knew so many Suits where juggling enthusiasts at heart!?! We could not have been more pleased with the reception. Thank you so much [to Jason] for making it a success!

-Novo Nordisk Inc., BIO Convention

Jason has and is a character. He’s really a new kind of juggler. When I first saw him on stage, I was so thrilled to see a non-clown, non-hippy, funny, and super-skilled juggler. As we’ve gotten to be friends, I really got to appreciate how great a non-clown, non hippy, funny, super-skilled juggler can be.

-Penn Jillette, Forward to “The Theory and Practice of Juggling”

Three years ago my father died of lung cancer… I started drinking heavily and taking a wide range of drugs. I nearly died a few times…I will always credit you for saving my life whether you want it or not. You set the standard in juggling in my book and the philosophy I see in your DVDs will be a guiding principle in getting myself together, gaining a better appreciation for TRUE juggling and life in general. I will never quit. I will not curl up and die. I WILL preach the gospel of disciplined approach and delayed gratification to everyone I teach. I will never be able to thank you enough, like I said, whether you want it or not.

-Name Withheld, Reader of “The Theory and Practice of Juggling