Michael & Jessica

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In the 2011’s North American Championship of Magic, Michael and Jessica not only received a standing ovation for their completely original blending of ballroom dance and illusion, but they also were awarded the right to represent the United States in the 2012 FISM illusion category, not only one of the most difficult but only the second Americans in the 50 years of this World Championship of Magic to be represented in this category.

Michael and Jessica have suddenly shaken up the magic world with their combination of spicy Latin ballroom choreography and expertly rendered illusions, but like many overnight successes Michael Blanco and Jessica Cubelli have been winning ballroom competitions like the Ohio Star Ball 3 dance competition, the largest televised US ballroom competition, and performing together throughout the US and South America for the past seven years.

Michael performed as a magician for years until meeting Jessica, a model and dancer, and they instantly clicked. A few years later they were headlining at Magic Island, performing in music videos, and appearing on international television as far away as the Vietnamese show “Dance with Me.”

Their Corporate shows are very flexible and can include full stage shows; dance exhibitions, interactive dance games, and /or dance classes. Michael is also an extraordinary close-up magician who is happy to entertain during cocktail periods prior to his illusion show with Jessica. They have been hired for as much as a full week of a convention, creating illusions for product launches, performing in between breaks at award ceremonies or just creating a fun evening for a wide range of clientele that includes HP, Shell, Exxon, Houston Astros, Rockets, NASA, Baylor College, etc.